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This session is very dear to my heart. Krysten and Andrew have been such a huge part of Thomas’ and my life and it is only fitting that our trips to Oregon overlapped. When I told Krysten that Thomas and I would be traveling to Oregon to photograph a wedding she started planning on how she and Andrew could get out there at the same time. It worked out and we spend a few glorious days together! I know that this post is long, especially for an anniversary session, but these two mean so much to us. Also, I want to show the possibilities of what can happen if you allow your photographer to follow you around for an all day shoot.


We started in Random Order, which happens to be the best pie shop I have ever been to. Then we drove to Cannon Beach where we got lunch and ice cream in the cutest little town. We were so fortunate that it was a clear day because I have never seen a beach so beautiful. I have always heard about the West Coast and how you can be swimming in the ocean one minute and then up in the mountains in the next. I had to see it for myself! After the beach we went on a couple of trails through Hood River. Everything was so lush and green. We got to see waterfalls along the hike and even take pictures in a few. The last part of our day was spent back in Portland. We finished up the evening with dinner and drinks before driving the two to the airport. It was a trip that I will never forget and these photos are going to help us all relive it again and again.


I know that these pictures are all over the place, but so was our adventure that day. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I love you two and I hope we get to go on many more adventures together!


Lauren - Beautiful, Shannon!!!

Lauren - Oh so lovely. Beautiful!

Krysten - Absolutely floored by that day and these photos. Let’s do it again!!!

Sam - Oh, I love these! Every single frame is stunning!