shirley and hagel/tallahassee wedding photographer


This was such a neat wedding and I have to admit that I felt like I was in with the cool crowd! Shirley and Hagel let everyone know about the HUGE going away party they were having, but what they only told a select few (myself included) is that it was also going to be their wedding! How cool is that?! They didn’t want people to feel like they had to bring gifts or stress out about the formalities of a wedding. They wanted it to be simple, pure, and an unforgettable moment for friends and family. It was a way to say goodbye and also share such a special moment with everyone they loved. It was so beautiful and I was shaking when they stood up to announce to everyone why they were all really there. There were a lot of cheers and a lot of tears.


We all miss you Shirley and Hagel, but we are also so happy that you let us share such a special night with you!


Shannon - How cool!!

Krysten - <3 this.

jessica lorren - great job