shirley and hagel/tallahassee engagement photographer/waterworks


These two recently captured my heart and then decided to run with it as they move to New York in 2 weeks. This makes me very sad, but I am also very overjoyed that they asked me to take some engagement pictures of them before their new adventure. I’m so happy they decided to do this, and in the bar that they met in. It’s a way for them to take a little bit of Tallahassee with them, and in a way, I get to keep a piece of them here with me.


Matt - Wow you guys look awesome!! Great pictures. It make sme happy to see you two so happy!!

melanie - I actually got chills on a couple of these. So great!

Krysten - So in love with this shoot!

Brian Muntz - Absolutely stunning work Shannon! I would except nothing less!