krysten & andrew/harbour ridge yacht and country club/tallahassee wedding photographer


Krysten Suzanne and Andrew Thomas are two people so dear to my heart. It’s hard to believe that Krysten and I met about a year ago. It feels like so much longer than that. Over the past few months of wedding planning with her, I knew I HAD to be the one to photograph her wedding. I just knew how special this day was going to be. This wedding had so much hand crafted love in the details. Krysten and I went antique and thrift shopping for her glass bowls on the tables. Krysten hand wrote all of the place cards for the reception. I helped her with the invites and RSVP cards. I also did her makeup, which was really neat for me. I made the time to set my camera down and spend a few minutes applying her makeup and getting to talk with her. It was such a special time for me and I felt so honored to be around her for the few days leading up to the wedding. I enjoyed all of our trips to Michael’s and Joann Fabric. Our friend Katherine helped Krysten and I with the programs two nights before the wedding. One folded, one cut out the edges, and one stamped the tree on the front. I knew this wedding was going to be special and beautiful, but I had no idea of the magnitude.


Krysten and Andrew opted for the first look, which I always encourage my couples to do. They had a few moments that were just for the two of them. Another moment I was so honored to be their photographer. These are the times that I feel so blessed to have the job that I do. By the time Krysten walked down the isle, she and Andrew were calm as could be. I, on the other hand, was a wreck! I cried like a baby as soon as she took her first steps down the stairs. The whole day was perfection, but it wasn’t because of the handmade programs or vintage shoes. The day was perfect because two people that were meant to find each other found each other.


They are back in Tallahassee now. Nothing has changed. If you hang around them you see that it’s just as it was before. January 7th 2012 was just a day that everyone else got to witness what the two of them have been showing each other from day 1.


I love you both. I don’t usually add music to my blog posts, but because of your love of the Beatles I added Blackbird. I find it perfect.





Chris - I love your cropping – it creates a tension which somehow isn’t tense, if that makes any sense. More like it gives your photos a bit of surrealism – in any case, it’s awesome.

Catherine Marciniak - I love how elegant and romantic this whole wedding was, you did an amazing job!

Blake Burton - beautifully done

Laura Leslie - I love when brides have long and whispy veils. It makes picture taking that much more fun. Nice work!

Tim - A Beautiful wedding.

Christiane - Literally some of these brought me to the brink of crying.
What a beautiful couple adn day.

Ro - These pictures are AMAZING. Krysten and Andrew how lucky are you to have a great photographer capture these precious moments.

ben - I love that veil…and the first look pictures. awesome job.

Johnnie Powell - You have captured one of the most beautiful weddings of the the making ever, may Krysten & Andrew live A happy life together in love and prosper in the walk with God. may your loving dreams come true. God bless you both, happy happy joy joy, love forever.

Mary Dhanarajan - Wow! You are absolutely the most talented photographer I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! Of course your subjects were and are two of the most amazing people I know! Thank you for sharing this!

Steve & Darlyne Bryant - Krysten & Andrew, these pictures show how lovely both of you are and what a wonderful wedding you had. Congratulations and best wishes!

Francesca - These pictures are absolutely beautiful. I am in awe. What a beautiful cousin I have. :)

Minnie - Amazing! Breathtaking!

Susan Pitcher - I am so touched by these wonderful photos of Krysten and Andrew’s wedding! You captured not only the beauty of this very special day, but the beauty of their love as well.

melanie - I love following your work and watching you grow. This is my favorite wedding to date. You let us in on a glimpse of their love that no one could have captured more beautifully. We got to see a side of them that was so incredibly sincere and in the moment. These pictures are as timeless and beautiful as the bride. Bravo.

Teri Grimes - I love what you did! You told a story with your photos. This is beautiful! I love that you put music to it. I didn’t cry at the wedding, but I cried looking at this. Thank you, Shannon. You are very gifted.

Sara - Oh shannon,these are beautiful. She looks so incredibly stunning.

katie - shannon, they’re all fantastic (as usual), but that hand-holding shot is one of the coolest reception shots i’ve ever seen.

Krysten - incredible, absolutely incredible.