alanna & jimmy engaged/los cabos mexico/destination wedding photographer

I met Jimmy and Alanna when Jimmy was a groomsmen in Leslie and Jordan’s wedding. The whole day I was making fun of him because he sprained his finger (and was wearing a brace) and upon asking I found out it was playing volleyball. I told him that was the unmanliest injury and way to get it. Fast forward to a few months later and I get a call from him that he and Alanna are getting married in Cabo and would love to talk about hiring me as the photographer. I already knew that I liked the guy so I had to be there! I have never traveled to another country to photograph a wedding, so this was exciting and nerve racking. “What do I need to pack? What if something happens to my gear?” were just some of the things floating around in my head. Then I stopped. I thought about how Alanna and Jimmy were only having 30 guests at their wedding. How they invited ME to be one of the 30 guests on that day. How I was the one they trusted to fly all the way to Mexico to capture one of the most important days in the story of their life. What an absolute honor. It gives me chills still thinking about it. Out of every other photographer I was the one that they wanted there. Wow.
Upon arriving at the airport, in Mexico, I was shuttled to the resort. When I walked up to the resort my breath escaped me. It was so gorgeous and unlike any resort I had ever seen. I went to my room and unpacked and got my gear ready to meet the two for their engagement shoot. When they walked around the corner in the lobby I about fell over. I knew they were both gorgeous, but holy smokes! My camera seemed to see the same thing I did. What I didn’t know, and what you don’t really get to see before the wedding as a destination photographer, is how in love these two were. The way Jimmy looked at her and touched her. I was just in awe the whole shoot.


Nicole S. - Such an amazing couple – you did an amazing job of capturing their love! Cabo was a blast!

Randi - Wow…you two are stunning! I am crying…these pics are soooo beautiful! I love the one with the sun over Jimmy’s shoulder and the black and white one under the archway..those are my fav’s!

Kat Braman - mmmmmm. that’s al I got.

Ashley - Mmmmmmm!!!!!!!

Kendal - Holy shit