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I couldn’t be more overjoyed that one of my images ended up on the beautiful pages of my favorite bridal magazine! Even more excited that it was from one of my favorite weddings, Erin and Aaron. What perfect timing, as well, considering I’m planning my own wedding as we speak. I’ve only just started looking at the Southern Weddings Magazine and I’m already ”OOOhhhhhing” and ”AAAWwwwwing” over each and every image. When I received the email last month, asking if they could use one of my images in the magazine, I wanted to reply, “Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME?!” I mean, for them to even have to ask. Please! I know it’s only one little image, but to me that is HUGE. I hope one day to have a whole feature, but dreams have to start somewhere.:)Thank you so much ladies for making one of my dreams come true and thanks for making such an incredible magazine. You make women everywhere wait by their mailbox every year, and this one couldn’t be more thrilled!


Oh, and don’t get me started on the hand written post card that came with it.



Jenny Schartner - Wooo hooo :)

Adam Cavanagh - Awesome… congrats!

Kendal - I love seeing you make such amazing progress. All of your photos have a certain feel to them Shannon. You can sense a special relationship between you and the subject. I know certain people think anyone can take a photograph, which is true..but certainly not the way you do. You are pure gold!

Lisa - you’re so talented, m’am. nothing short of incredible.

melanie - And, it starts ….

Robin - you, my dear, rock!

Michelle March - Congrats!! :)

Alyssa - Yay Shannon!