the love of grandparents./georgia portrait photographer



Thomas and I ventured to Nashville Georgia, yesterday, to see my grandparents. They live in this beautiful cabin that was built in the 1800’s…original wood floors and all. Soon after moving to Tallahassee, we realized that we are only 87 miles from them. Welp, we had to go visit! My grandfather is going through some health issues right now, and the truth is, that’s when you get knocked over the head with how beautiful and short life is. If you know my granddad, Dawson, you know that this is one strong man. He has big hands and an even bigger heart. He has been the love of my sister and my life ever since we can remember. When ever we found out that we were going to see ”Granddaddy Dawson” our faces would light up! He’s one of those men that has a deep, southern voice, but it’s matched by his,”You better let go first because I’m not!” bear hugs. He is someone that is a fighter. Someone that Thomas has only known for 2 years now, but says that he looks up to him and wants to be that kind of man. He had a hand in making my father the dad he is to this day. Everyone in town knows him and can’t wait to shake his hand, because in all honesty, he can’t wait to shake theirs either. He is one of the loves of my life and I know, without a doubt, that he is going to pull through this. He has an army beside him and the world left in front of him. We love you Grandaddy Dawson.


Dad - Very nice!

Sara - Oh my gosh, these are perfect. They are so adorable…. I love your family. And your ability to capture people so well.

jessica lorren - this is why you are my photographer for life. you better shoot dave and I when we’re someone’s grandparents!

Jenny Schartner - i LOVE this.