jessica./tallahassee portrait photographer



I can’t say enough about Jessica. She is one of my best friends and one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. I’m so blessed that she came into my life. Every photograph that I took of this girl turned out like gold. By the end of the shoot she kept saying,”There is no way that’s me!”


Jess…you are so easy on the eyes and heavy on the soul.  I love you.




brooke - these are truly breathtaking. the word “ethereal” comes to mind – gorgeous work and gorgeous subject!

Bill Millios - I stopped breathing when I saw the first image, and had to consciously jumpstart my breathing again when I finally got to the end.


j woods - Awesome job. She has an incredible smile, love that smirk.

dustin - top notch dude!

Kendal - wow, i’m speechless.

todd hunter mcgaw - gorgeous atmospheric feel to these pics.. lovely stuff.

Ariana - Wow these are sooo beautiful.

nadine - Freaking gorgeous. Love the lace photos.

Sara - You’re right, she is absolutely stunning and these are some of my favorite photos!!

Johanna Hietanen - Amazing photos. Angelic. So beautiful.

Jimmy - Beautiful work! Soft and sensual, very nice.

Courtney - Jess, beyond beautiful, these images are
Sensual and sexy. I love every one! Xxoo

Sarah - Wow, those are stunning!

Kyle - Jessica, you are BEAUTIFUL. I love literally every single photo. Shannon, seriously, amazing job. I mean, not that you had a difficult subject to work with, but still, there are insane.

Nessa K - You are ohsogood. <3

Kat Braman - this is so ridiculously beautiful! Jess – you are gorgeous, inside and out. Shannon – you are incredible and should be doing nothing but this! I love you both and am so happy we are friends.

jessica lorren - you are ____________. I don’t even know. Unreal. There are no words.

Ryan Brenizer - Gorgeous photos of a beautiful woman and great photographer herself. Love it.