erin & aaron’s engagement/tallahassee wedding photographer



I really can’t say enough about these two. Aaron is in his last year of law school. Erin wants to work with orphaned children in third world countries. Both are all about missionary trips and just bettering the world. They really are amazing people and it’s no wonder why they found each other. I fell in love with Erin the first time I met her at a local coffee shop, here in town.  Red Eye Cafe is where we met and where this shoot started. Then, we made our way over to the beautiful Goodwood Museum and Gardens. Finally, we ended up in downtown Tallahassee. I took these two all over town!

Erin told me such wonderful things about Aaron, and I couldn’t wait to finally meet him. I know it’s been hard on them because Aaron lives in Alabama, finishing up school, and Erin is here in Tallahassee. Though, you wouldn’t have known that they spent a second apart watching the two of them interact with one another. I have nothing but faith that this is not only going to be a beneficial marriage for the two of them, but also for the world. Thanks for all that you two are working so hard to change. You are an inspiration for all.

p.s. While in the middle of shooting, Aaron saw some kids who’s kite got stuck in a tree. He stopped what he was doing, walked over, and untangled it for them. They probably thought he was a giant! I love my clients. <3




If you know me, you know that I am IN LOVE with Jonas Peterson’s work. This tree shot was definitely Jonas inspired!;)


Robin Hanowell - These are simply beautiful! I think you are one of the most talented photographers working in Tallahassee today….you and my husband, you two are my favorites :)

Alex - I love your photos SO MUCH!!! *sigh* Such beauty!

rebekah - shannon, these are absolutely ROCKING. i love what you see through a lens. its comforting. and warm. and so neat to see all of my old stomping grounds in all of these. i miss tally!

Alicia - Wow, Shannon! These photos are absolutely breathtakingly stunning!!! What a gorgeous couple!! <3

melissa cook - Shannon,

These are so good. You have captured how comfortable they are with each other. Love what you said about them.

You are so wonderful Shannon! Next time my sister comes up here, you better be with her or else…

robert madrid - love the bench series…. :)

jessica lorren - love those coffee shots, and the ring ones, and she is insanely gorgeous.