unconditional love./jacksonville photographer

Have you ever had someone change your life? I mean really REALLY change your life? Someone who really makes you understand what unconditional love is? Someone who sees no holes in your soul or fading light in your eyes?Someone who thinks that you can do no wrong? It’s scary at times. To know that you have found something so fragile. A love that can’t be touched by time. In all honesty, I didn’t believe this kind of love existed. I never thought I even wanted this kind of love. Then it happened. My world was turned 180 degrees and now nothing is the same. Everything tastes better, smells more vibrant, and feels softer. All I have to do is hear this person’s voice and I melt. When we are separated I look at pictures and watch old videos of us. I’m a mess when we are apart.

How do you tell someone what they have done for your being? How you will never be the same since their arrival? How do you tell someone that they have made the world around them such a better place just by being in it?

I don’t know, but I will try to tell her every day of my life.

Kat Braman - exactly how I feel about my sons. I honestly can’t figure out how the world even functioned without them in it.

Melanie - Seriously? This is just beautiful. She loves you to the moon.

Debs @ Belle Amour - This is absolutely beautiful. I don’t have children but I can’t wait until the day I do. I know it will be the most incredible experience ever :)