christmas.10’/rock hill christmas

I know it’s a little late, but Thomas and I just got back home from 3 amazing weeks away for the holidays. Our Christmas was filled with laughter, warmth, tears, happiness, sorrow…it was bitter sweet. Thomas and his family lost a HUGE piece of their family puzzle this year. G, Thomas’ grandmother, was always the queen of Christmas. Thomas has told me some of the most amazing stories of his Christmas’ at G’s home. It was still a great Christmas, but there was no denying that something was missing. The family gathered in Rock Hill, South Carolina to be with Thomas’ grandfather. This was his first Christmas, in over 50 years, spent without his loving wife. It’s strange, because I didn’t notice until after I started editing these photos, that there are barely any faces in them, besides Granddaddy. This Christmas was mainly focused on our love for him. We wanted him to know that while we are no substitute for G, we hope to bring him much love. It was a very special time for Thomas and myself because we arrived 3 days before the rest of the family. It was just Thomas, Granddaddy, and myself for a few amazing days. We got to hear stories of the past, laugh A LOT (that man is HILARIOUS!), and make memories. This family has welcomed me with open arms since day one, and I can never repay them for that. They have, without a doubt, become my family and I am blessed every day by their generosity and love.

Christmas was filled with great, GREAT food and tradition. It was warm and cozy. It was pure love. We were where we were supposed to be. <3

Hamish Jordan - Wow, great shots! Which lens did you use to get the “I Believe in Santa Clause” doorway? It’s a very shallow dept of field but also taken with what looks like a wide angle lens, how? Which lens? Would love to know :)

Mary Anderson Griffin - Wonderful! Shannon, you are the most amazing person I have ever met. I love the way your photos capture the mood of what is happening at the moment. You have a way of picking out shots I would never think of that end up being perfect and saying so much. I thank God that you want to be in our family. What a gift you are. Sending love and kisses, Mary Anderson