christmas is almost here!/tallahassee photographer

YAY! Christmas is right around the corner! Thomas and I are going to be heading up to Virginia for a few weeks, and then back down to Jacksonville, to visit both of our families. I know that he really wanted a Christmas tree, but we have been traveling so much and will be gone for almost a month, that it just doesn’t make since. We would have enjoyed our tree for about a week and 1/2. So, that being said, I was at Target on Monday and I saw that they were having a sale on 2 foot Christmas trees. I had to do it! I surprised him with it all lit up when he arrived home from school. He has been studying so hard for finals…I just wanted to bring him a little bit of warmth and comfort. He came up with this great idea that no matter where we are over the years, we always put that tree up somewhere in our home. I think that’s so sweet! How did I get this guy?! So here it is…

So, speaking of Christmas…I got two gifts in the mail this week! But, these weren’t for Christmas, they were just because there are two AWESOME women who thought it would be nice to send me a gift. the best part is that both had a hand written note inside. Maybe it’s the southern girl in me, but there is nothing that warms my heart quite like a hand written note. Thank you so much, Lisa, for my beautiful owl necklace. I absolutely love the little heart details on the back. And Patty, the chocolate is the neatest thing. Who knew they made soy dark chocolate. It’s delicious and isn’t going to last much longer! Happy holidays girls!

Yep…already got into the chocolate! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Zanna - Aw… so sweet. I may have to get one of those. Chris is bummed because we’re in the middle of a major bathroom renovation I axed the big Christmas decorating thing (it’s just too chaotic already). Thomas is a wonderful guy… always been one of my favorites :) but you are pretty darn awesome yourself!

Patty - You are something else, Shannon! Very sweet post.. and love your little xmas tree. Your place looks like out of a magazine, gorgeous and so inviting. Great job!
Happy Holidays to you and Thomas!