the balanovich family./tallahassee family portrait photographer

I met Samantha through a photography group in South Florida called Sofly. She contacted me a few months back telling me how she was bringing her boys to their first FSU game!!! Samantha and Steve both graduated from FSU, so that, with the fact that this would be a first for their boys, was pretty exciting! She wanted to make it even more special by doing a family session. Man, let me tell you, you want to talk about a GORGEOUS family! Just look at the pictures…you will see what I’m talking about! (<3 you guys!!!)

Robin - Too much gorgeousness for one family! Love all of these!

Martin - Amazing job Shannon, you can tell you guys had a ton of fun and you captured them beautifully :-D. Keep up the good work and hope to see you again down in So. Fla.

Lisa - What a beautiful family!! Belongs on a magazine… but everything you touch belongs in a mag! Amazing as usual!

sam - OMG…words cannot express. These are amazing. You have such a gift. It was an honor to be photographed by you. I am so glad we made the trip to Tallahassee! You have captured some of the most beautiful memories!!!! Thank you just doesn’t seem enough.

Kat Braman - you are ridiculous my friend. these are amazing.

Diane - FABULOUS!!!