ashley & stephen./addison wedding photographer/boca raton wedding photographer

Not only did I get to shoot at the Addison (one of my favorite places to shoot in south Florida) for Mosaic Studios, but I also got to hang out with two people that I wish I could hang out with every day! Stephen was CRAZY and Ashley was so laid back. They were a perfect balance. They made the day soooooo much fun! They have an adorable little boy named Brayden and just announced that another is on the way! I’m so happy for both of them and this baby is going to be blessed with two amazing parents. I really love you guys and thank you for keeping me laughing the entire day!

look at this little guy!!!

you have no idea! (oh, yes, you see a ”u” shaved on his brother’s stomach for UM)

miah klein - such a lovely wedding. You nailed the details, emotion and heart.

Doug Mays - These photos are amazing, great angles and editing!

Melanie Watson - Lovely… all around.