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Okay, so here is our kitchen.  Thomas and I painted it a few weeks ago.  The color is called “Flowering Cactus” by Olympic Paint.  I do like the color, but I’m not IN LOVE with it.  The problem is we have PINK tile, so it’s not the easiest thing to coordinate with other colors.  When I went to Home Depot to pick out the color I was rushed and frustrated and picked this.   Like I said, I think it’s cute, but I saw this kitchen in  the Domino Decorating book months ago and fell in love then.  I’m just torn and I want as many opinions as I can get!  My other option is to keep the color and paint the entire living room the dark color.  Just worried about such a large amount of dark.

you can see the pink tiles!  If I do the dark color I want to paint the inside of these shelves the dark color as well.

we are also painting the old fridge with chalkboard paint.  Which, we will be able to choose what color, so I’m having to put off painting that until I figure out if the color is staying or not.  If I do the darker I’m thinking of painting the fridge with the blue accent color you will see on the picture of the inspiration kitchen…or painting it the dark color to blend in with the wall.  Opinions please!

And something like this when we redo the floor.

Here it is!!!  The one on the left.  Let me know your thoughts…PLEASE!!!

charise - alright so i originally painted my room that pretty much exactly that first color that your kitchen is now. and i felt the EXACT same way. it was cute, but i just didn’t love it nearly as much as i thought i would. and i let it go because i thought i was being picky and it just wore on me more and more. i love the color but i feel like it is just too.. loud for a room maybe. i don’t know. i think the dark would look really awesome, especially if you carried it into the inside of those shelves. i painted a whole wall in my room with a charcoal grey chalkboard paint and i love it. and i firmly plan to have a room with super dark walls once i have a house. so beautiful. so just my two cents, but i say definitely go for the new color!

Patty - I love what you’ve done with it so far! I can’t wait to come visit one day :) I say a lighter brighter color for the kitchen really helps to liven things up. A darker color is great for a living space, or lounge/study area.. but what do I know. I miss you!

jessica lorren - leave it.

Rina - I have to agree with Courtney. The light color looks beautiful and it’s also one of my favorite colors, so I might be a bit biased. I think a brighter color for the kitchen is usually better. But you’re taste is a lot better than mine :-). Let me know what you choose! Miss you!

Courtney - I like both colors, but I think the lighter better. It’s such a small space and I tend to like light bright kitchens. The dark blue would be cool for a study or parlor!
My two cents for what it’s worth. But with your eye for details I bet either will look great!

Kendal - adore your creativity, it’s beautiful..let it shine