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Vocelles…what can I say about Vocelles? It depends on if we are talking about the person or the store. Either way, you will fall in love with both! Kristen Vocelle is the owner of this enchanting, elegant bridal shop. She took the time out to sit with me today, and answer a few questions about her company.

(me) “What made you want to own your own bridal shop?”

(K) “I used to be in the travel/hospitality business, as a P.R. My boyfriend proposed to me and I began to go dress shopping. I was shocked to find that Tallahassee didn’t have any stores with an upscale feel. So my mom, living in Vero, met me half way in Orlando to look for dresses. It was really exciting and fun, but all were really expensive.” She goes on to tell me that this really bothered her, so began the extensive research on the bridal industry. She quit her job in September 11, 2009, was married later that year, and opened her shop January 9th. This woman is AMAZING! The really great thing about her shop is that the building it’s located in is brand new and she was able to design it just the way she wanted.  As you can tell, she has great taste!

(me) “Have you built lifelong relationships with any of your brides?”

(K) “YES!  That’s what I love most about what I do. In the P.R. world the personal relationships are missing. With what I do, I get to see the whole process, from start to finish.  It’s so neat to see the final product. It really is one of the best jobs in the world!” She has many brides that she plans on keeping in touch with for years to come. She was telling me that she has one bride getting married this weekend and she really wanted to call the bride’s mom tomorrow and wish her luck. But, she didn’t want to stress the mom out even more and thought maybe she should refrain.  How adorable is she?!

(me) “What is a typical Saturday like here at the shop?”

(K) “CRAZY! Every dressing room is full and I’m meeting lots of knew people.” You don’t have to have an appointment to try on a dress at Vocelles, but Kristen strongly recommends it. She says that this way she can make sure she is staffed and that there is time for personal one on one time with the girls.

(me) “Tell me about Fancy (that’s her baby, the dog).”

(K) “It’s my first child. Fancy came to the store before she ever went to our house. My husband drove to Georgia to pick her up and came strait to the store.” So I guess you could say that Fancy is part owner, although she is so laid back and could care less about the dresses. (Unlike me who was drooling the WHOLE time) If you visit the shop you can expect to see Fancy there most of the time, and believe me, it wouldn’t be the same without her.

(me) “Tell me a little about the other girls that help you run the shop?”

(K) “I call them my little ‘blessings’.” Vonna is one of the girls and Kristen says that she was so eager to get into that industry that she would have paid her to work there! She was her first “employee” although she really was interning. Krysten is the second and Kristen says that it was a really busy Saturday and she was so slammed and in walked Krysten looking for a job. This girl has some luck!

(me) “Any advice to future brides?”

(K)”I encourage you to have an open mind.  Don’t rule any dresses out.  It’s not like buying a pair of jeans, you just have no idea what’s going to look good on you. Also, don’t bring an entourage with you. You will get too many different opinions and it can really confuse you.” She recommends coming in with someone who’s opinion you really trust and value. If you feel like you really need your whole bridal party to be there, she says to come in first and narrow it down to three dresses. “Then we can set up another appointment and have a little party at the shop, with champagne and appetizers and they can help you pick the final one.”

I asked Kristen if there was anything else that she wanted to add.  She said that she doesn’t want people to be intemidated by her shop. She knows that  her shop looks expensive, but her dresses range from $500-$5,000.  “Whether someone is spending $500 or $5,000 they deserve the same treatment. I want people to think my shop is approachable and fun.”

When I arrived at the shop I was greated with the warmest of smiles and I didn’t leave without getting TWO hugs. Kristen and Fancy really made me feel at home, from the moment I walked in the door. I didn’t want to leave, and I wasn’t even there to try on dresses!  haha! I will recommend every bride in the Tallahassee area to make your first stop Vocelles Bridal Shoppe.  Thank you Kristen and Fancy for your time, and I hope your shop continues to grow over the years.

With dresses from designers such as Nicole Miller and Anne Barge, just to name a few, why would you want to go anywhere else?!

This is Fancy girl! <3

Look at all of the colors of bridal party dresses….mmmm…

These are photos of her grandparents.  Yeah…I know!

Isn’t she gorgeous?!