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I have a lot of people that have been asking me to post pictures of our home.  It’s still a work in progress.  There are two rooms I am absolutely in love with, and while they still need things done to them, I thought I would start with showing those two.

(on a side note…many of the things in our house would not be possible if not for the help of our amazing parents!  We love you guys so so much!  Thank you for EVERYTHING)

The side table is from faith farm (refurnished by me).  The tree art is from a thrift store.  The rug was an awesome find in the ”as is” section of ikea.

My mom sent us a surprise package a few days ago…I LOVE surprises!  She got us the coverlet I wanted from target.

This beautiful bed and gorgeous curtains are from ikea.  The mirror is vintage.

We just got this awesome vintage fan from an antique store in Maine (yes, it works).  The owl was a house warming gift from Thomas’ best friend, Sam.  He knows how much I ADORE owls!  The amazing, solid, pine dresser is from faith farm.  I remember when I purchased the dresser a few years ago I almost painted it.  EEEEEK!  I know!  I’m so glad I didn’t touch it.  It’s my favorite furniture in the room.

The case the flowers are sitting in is a vintage camera case with a green velvet inside.  I think it’s so pretty.

The owl necklace you see is a birthday gift, Mary (Thomas’ mom) got me in an awesome store in Maine called 412.  I’m warning you…don’t go to the website!  You will want EVERYTHING.  The lamp is my old roomie’s Ashton.  She was nice enough to give it to me.  The elephant incense burner is from World Market.  Oh, the fish is Abe.  He says ”hello”. <3

This is my favorite thing in the room to look at.  This wood was a piece of drift wood that Thomas and I found when going on a walk on the beach in Maine.  I love finds like these.  We just added some hardware and hung it on the wall so that I could display some of my favorite things.  That shark is from the same place my owl came from.  His name is Dave. (I love you Jess)

This is our office…welcome!  The chair, desk, and briefcase is…yep…once again…Faith Farm.  haha!

I knew exactly what I wanted to use this briefcase when I saw it in the store.  This $3 find became a great way to store not so pretty things.

The red chair is from my granddad…it’s old and beautiful!

I hope you guys come visit soon!  We have a beautiful guest room.  Pictures to come soon.  :)

Mary Anderson Griffin - Wonderful! I wish I had your eye and sense of style.

Lydia Shannon - Ummmm for reals… you should be a designer. This is sickeningly perfect. You = Amazing

christiane - what a home you have created…
cheers to you and thomas.
i can feeeel the loooove!

jessica lorren - this is hideous. i hate it.

ok not really it’s perfect actually.

Melanie Watson - How adorable!!!! Ugh I love everything and kind of want to move in. You have such a warm soft sense of style that is so inviting and personal. I can’t wait to see more as you continue making your house your home. :)

daniel lateulade - I love the new place! It looks awesome :)

Lisa - <3 Love your style, Shay! Your house should be in a magazine!