lissete & aaron./south florida engagement photographer

This has to be my favorite engagement session to date.  Not only an amazingly sweet couple, but so much fun and warmth.  Usually you see a guy all about his woman or vise versa, but this was about as equal as they come.  They were so into one another, I was melting the whole time!  They knew each other since grade school and ended up reconnecting on Facebook (of course).  :) I can’t wait to photograph their wedding, especially since Lissete is decorating most of it her self and has very similar taste to myself.  I love creative people, and she is one of them.  She styled this whole shoot herself!  I was really impressed.

Just a side note…you will see two very different styles of photography here.  The first part of the shoot concentrated on Lissete’s vintage, classic style.  Aaron was loving enough to go along with it, and even wear ADORABLE suspenders!  The second half, while not normally my style of photography, was all about Aaron’s rockabilly style.  I have to admit…it was fun doing his, too!

I hope you enjoy this couple as much as I do.  I <3 you guys!

Rev Michael Calderin - Phenomenal!! Great couple=great photos.

courtney - you are….perfect….truly…perfect…and I miss you!

jessi - Love the pictures, truly amazing! Congrats. Cant wait to see the wedding pics

Lissete - Shannon; I have said it before and I will say it again…you are AMAZING!!! You are wonderful my friend! I love that you captured our vision so perfectly. It is so rare and we feel lucky and in aw that you are our photographer. I can’t thank Kat enough for recommending you. I can’t wait till October!! You have an incredible gift! We love you ;)

rebekah - shannon, i have words for this. unbelievably perfect.