melissa & sully./nashville wedding photographer.

Okay, so, I posted a sneak peek two weeks ago with Melissa in her wedding gown.  Now it’s time for the whole thing!  I have to admit, as you will see, I got a little carried away with pictures.  This will be the longest post by far.  This family is just very dear to my heart, so I had to post as many as I did.  It was a very moving day, as they all are.

Jess and I talked them into doing a first look before the wedding, and these are the emotional shots I got!  He was waiting for her to come around the corner!!!

look how overjoyed her father is.  <3

I think Jess was a little emotional.  ;)

I truly love you two, and I really think you are going to change the world together.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your glorious day.

dave c - Fantastic! Shannon, great job. Melissa, you looked so beautiful! Sully, way to go! This is really awesome!

Jessica Lorren - Shannon, I can’t even believe you did this for my family. These moments, these emotions, these photographs are precious gifts. I will never be able to truly thank you for giving them to us. They are beautiful and I know that they will be treasured for ever.

Lissete - Wow!!! Shannon these are incredible! You truly captured such a radiant glow from within this couple. I have goose bumps! What a beautiful bride.

melissa cook - wonderful! Shannon… you did an AMAZING JOB! I can’t wait to put them all over my house =) I am so glad you were a part of it. You made it so fun! Thank you Thak You Thank You!

Kristin - YAY. Love it!