tuesday night lights.

Tuesday night Courtney was nice enough to invite my friend and me over to her house to shoot with her.  It was so much fun setting up the lights and just being able to get creative.  I LOVE photographing weddings, but it’s always nice to go back to my fashion roots!  We had the pleasure of photographing Alex, Joella, and Kendal again.  We also got a new face, Natasha, and boy was she gorgeous!  She made all of our jaws hit the ground when she stepped in front of the camera.  A natural!  Joella brought along her friend, Angie who was there to film us.  She was so nice, and you should click on her name and check out her blog because she is up and coming and very talented!  I had a blast girls and I can’t wait to do it again!  I love you Courtney!!!  <3

courtney - Ryan, it was out door with a backdrop!!! Shannon is amazing to watch work!!

Ryan Cohen - Amazing work, Shannon. Wow. Where did you set this up? It looks out door with a backdrop. Pretty cool!

2 words to remember: May. Sixteenth.

jessica lorren - these are ridiculous shannon. i have an idea….