So…this is Mariella.  She is a beautiful singer/songwriter who lives in Brooklyn, NY.  I had the privilege of meeting and photographing her with Courtney yesterday.  She has the BEST smile!  Funny story…I came home last night, after being at a wedding, and I showed Thomas the photos.  He said,”WAIT?!  WHAT’S HER NAME?!”  I said “Mariella Gonzalez”.  Come to find out, they worked together for a while when he lived in New York.  He went on to tell me how amazingly talented she is and how she has to most infectious laugh.  What a small world!  Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from the shoot.  It was a really short shoot as we had to keep running out of the rain.

Mariella - These are so beautiful! I had such a great time shooting with you and Court. Tell Thomas i said hi and i look forward to working with you again! Happy birthday!


Kristin Ondocsin - she is so beautiful! Love the pictures.