marley and me.

So, while having a blog for my work, I also want to have a blog for personal reasons.  I will be posting pictures of my life as well as crafts that I take on!  This blog isn’t just about my company, it’s about who I am.  I just received my BEAUTIFUL 50mm  1.4 lens in the mail yesterday from the awesome Jenny Schartner of the incredible Captured Photography by Jenny. I am in love with her for the wonderful addition to my gear and in love with the lens!  Thomas asked me to bring it out last night so he could play with it!  He was as in love as I am.  He captured some great shots of our dog Marley and myself.  These images make my heart smile…just like Marley.

robert madrid - LOVE IT!!!!

Jenny Schartner - You are sweet to mention me :) And I love that you are using it already! You will fall in love. It is my favorite :)

courtney - Shannon, your blog is wonderful! Your pictures beautiful! I’m loving them! You inspire me to want to blog more personal stuff! xxoo